Dr. Elaine La Forte & Dr. John Kearney

Dr. La Forte’s a home-town girl. She graduated from BCHS in 1974 and received her DVM from Cornell University in 1982. She did an internship in Small Animal Medicine and Surgery at Louisiana State University. Dr. La Forte is an avid reader and an accomplished watercolorist. Her favorite part of her job is all those puppies and kittens! She’s a huge fan of “The Handmaid’s Tale” and addicted to “Game of Thrones”! Her favorite day off activity involves a fire, a book and a blanky but you didn’t hear that from us!

Dr. Kearney grew up in the hill town of Shelburne Falls, MA. He also received his DVM from Cornell University and has resided in the Town of Bethlehem since 1996. Dr. Kearney served for years on the board of Mohawk Hudson Humane Society and is currently serving on the board of the Humane Society of the Capital Region. Dr. Kearney comes from a family of dyed-in-the-wool Red Sox fans (please forgive him) and his family still operates a dairy farm in upstate Vermont. He enjoys fly-fishing (catch-and-release of course), gardening and woodworking. Best pet name he’s ever heard of was a hairless Sphinx cat named “Chemo”. Embarrassingly, his favorite show is “How It’s Made”.

The doctors have two kids who attended BCHS. Dan graduated in 2008 and Jim graduated in 2010. The doctors are currently owned by three dogs (Dante, Payton & Cersei) and two cats (Quigley & Mike).

Both doctors are diplomats of the New York State Academy of Veterinary Medicine and belong to multiple national, state and local associations including the American Animal Hospital Association, the Veterinary Information Network, the American Veterinary Medical Association, the New York State Veterinary Medical Society and the Capital District Veterinary Society.


Licensed Veterinary Technician

Born & raised in Scoharie, Alyssa still resides there with her bearded soul-mate Jorge. Her day off activities include horseback riding, hiking, camping, kayaking & four-wheeling. During inclement weather she loves binge-watching Netflix – “Shameless, OITNB, Modern Family & Stranger Things. The best pet name she’s ever heard of is Rhinoplasty. Alyssa has a full house, with Hickory the horse, Maya & Lucille the dogs & Snicks & Blackie the cats. Her favorite part of working for BVH is helping pets get healthy again & educating owners how to keep them that way.



Beth was born in Painted Post, NY, out near Corning. She graduated from Ithaca College with a degree in Music & a minor in Business. She lives in Delmar now with her hubbie and triathlon partner Buddy and her kitties Nibbles & Rocky. She loves to travel, take photographs, cook & shop. On her day off she can be found hunting down the ingredients for a new recipe. Her favorite TV shows are “Castle”, “Blue Bloods”, “Dancing with the Stars” and “The Voice”. The best pet name she’s ever heard of is Pork Chop. Her favorite part of working at BVH? Giving belly rubs.

Eleanor aka “L”


Although L was born in Brooklyn she was raised in Boght Corners & now resides in Clifton Park. She’s happiest going on adventures with her daughter Lea & grandbabies Adriana & Declan & her dogs Ginger-Bella, a pint-sized chihuahua mix & a gallon-sized attitude & Wyatt, the world’s best Weimaraner. She also has a rapper’s aquarium with fish named Jay Z & Beyonce, Biz Markie & Slim Shady. Her favorite TV shows are “This Is Us”, “Breaking Bad” & “The Bachelor”. She dreams of having two French Bulldogs named Piglet & Buddha. Her favorite part of working for us…puppy breath!



Elisa has worked at Bethlehem Veterinary Hospital since 2001 and we’re lucky to have her. She’s a Delmartian who enjoys pottery, reading, sewing and archery. Her favorite day off activity is finishing a good book or starting a new craft project. Her favorite TV shows are “Bones” & “Rizzoli & Isles” and the best pet names she’s ever heard of are “Mr. Mugs” & “Sneezers”.



Kaitlyn was born in the small Finger Lakes town of Savannah & now lives with her significant other Calvin in Amsterdam. They share their home with a goofball Golden Retriever named Humphrey. Kaitlyn is studying biology at UAlbany to become an Occupational Therapist. Her favorite TV shows are “New Girl”, “It’s Always Sunny” & “Stranger Things”. The best pet name she’s ever heard of belonged to her childhood Labrador Retriever Sir Gustav of Hershey. Kaitlyn’s passions are backpacking adventures with Calvin in exotic locations, taking the boat out in the summer & going to Saratoga racetrack. Her favorite thing about working for us is getting to know the patients and their families.


Exam Room Assistant

Kevin was born & raised here in Bethlehem. Although he’s only worked for us since 2015 he & his family have been bringing their kitties here since 2000. His favorite TV shows are “Buffy” & “Angel” and the best per name he’s ever heard of is Ferris the Ferret. His favorite day off activities are playing hockey, skiing, curling, playing video games & traveling, especially to Australia & New Zealand. Kevin is oddly proud of his complete inability to smell anything (useful here) & we call him “Kevin the Cat Whisperer”. He resides with his three kitties Jimbo, Boots & Alfie.


Veterinary Assistant

Jan is a Connecticut Yankee, by birth, but moved to Burnt Hills with her husband and 2 children 27 years ago. For the past 20 years she has been working as a veterinary assistant, the last 14 of which have been here at Bethlehem Veterinary Hospital. She has been active in the Newfoundland & St. Bernard clubs for many years, has shown dogs at Westminster and has been breeding Newfies and St. Bernards for 29 years. Her kitty is Snoopy. The best pet name she’s ever heard of was, oddly enough, her own dog’s; “Intrepid’s Run for the Roses”. On Jan’s day off you can find her off-roading in her Jeep or at local dog shows. Jan’s favorite part of her job is caring for animals in the hospital and helping in surgery. Jan went into semi-retirement in June 2015 which probably means she’ll cut back to 50 hours a week.


Licensed Veterinary Technician

Lori has been working for us so long she can’t quite remember when she started. She says the earth’s crust had definitely started to cool. Lori lives in Cobleskill with her hubby Kevin and more dogs & ferret’s than she can count. Lori came to us from Long Island, she graduated from Farmingdale in 1986 with her associates degree. She loves to garden, cook & craft and is often accompanied by her ferret “Harley”, aka “The Weasel”. Lori has many nieces and nephews (17!) and revels in being their favorite aunt. What she likes the most about working in upstate New York; us! What she most dislikes about working in upstate New York; the snow.

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